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About me

Painting and creation are the pillars of my balance, instinct and spontaneity my weapons of emotional transmission and the world one of my sources of inspiration!
Her strengths and weaknesses are all influences and subjects to imagination and interpretation.

Echoing my feelings and experiences, I paint instinctively, guided by my senses.

I love to work:
 an instinctive, spontaneous and energetic form of painting,
colour, shapes and materials in their diversity,
 the paint in its thickness or fluidity,
with and on matter to transform it and make it come alive.

I love the non-rigor and freedom that abstract art offers.

Spatula is my favourite tool, it allows me great spontaneity.
 I also use knives, brushes, cloths, sponges, or even just my hands...
I attach great importance to gestures, which is why I have a predilection for large-format painting.

Painting is for me an adequacy with life, it is my way of "being" in this world.
Art is a work of research, reflection, questioning and an extraordinary outcome when it echoes.


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Che - January 2020

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